40 Days to Ponder – sinless

Jesus was without sin.
That’s an interesting thought because for many people who have a list of rules that make up the essence of what is sin and what isn’t, Jesus may not toe the line. Certainly, he didn’t for the Pharisees. He gave them all sorts of problems with the lines he crossed and they, in turn, gave headaches to Jesus’ disciples. “Why does your teacher do this?” Think of the defensive posture the disciples took or had to take as they tried to explain the difference Jesus was from the rules of a society that was based on rules of sin. The reigning power over life that Sin took on in lives then and now, the Rule of Sin, made people cower. It taught them from birth that they were destined for hell, God’s hatred and eternal despair. It’s not surprising that some people gave up or give up ever living a life that includes God.

But Jesus was without sin.
As we move through Lent and consider our own sins, and deal with the ache of not including the things we “gave up for Lent,” we need to consider the sinlessness of Jesus. How does sinlessness work? Perfect, good, stalwart, thrifty, brave… what does it look like?face

Jesus was without sin.
What if it meant that Jesus was never separated from God? There’s a phrase I’ve learned, a Latin phrase, “coram Deo” which means in the presence of God. I think that Jesus lived a life that was completely coram Deo, always in God’s presence. It is the distinctive difference between us and Jesus that leaves room for him to fully human and fully divine. It wasn’t discovering the divine within himself, as some might turn this idea. It was always being in relationship, friendship, community with the Creator of all. Jesus is the practical and visible expression of Trinity to which we can point. We see community within the choices, nature and goals of Jesus. He was never separated from God. Living one’s life never separated from God looks like Jesus.

Jesus was never separated from God… even on the cross.

And that’s another thought for another day.



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