It was 50 Years Ago Today

Nothing anyone says about it can be as inspiring as the words themselves said by the man himself at the moment and so here’s a link to that…

It’s so amazing that we can do that now… just tune into history. But there it is. And it speaks of content of character and freedom and faith. It will be important to have these recorded words soon because they do talk about faith. With the removal of all things “faithful” from the common conversation, it will be very important.

Martin taught the nation the truth of equality from the basis of faith, his faith. Inequality was the expression of humanity. Equality was the expression of God. It was God’s vision. And Martin echoed that vision in his speech. It will be important to have these words recorded, learned and heard.

It will be important because people don’t know what to do with faith and faithful conversation. Recently “42” came out… great movie that told the story of Jackie Robinson. jrobinson42 What it didn’t explore was the basis of faith and its play in the lives of both Robinson and Branch Rickey. Each man was devout. Each spoke plainly and in their regular lives about God and faith. There was a reason the effort to integrate sports burned into living flame in their actions and it wasn’t just because of their character or their sense of fairness. It was because of their faith.

I am not for preaching that we’re a Christian nation and I’m not for prayer in schools. I’m not an advocate for Theocracy. I am completely in favor of E Pluribus Unum. I like having a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic country. At the same time I’m completely in favor of conversion and of people coming to know Jesus. I just don’t need them forced to know Jesus.

What does worry me is the removal of faith from conversation. One of the things my daughter Carrie recently taught me was that peace advocates that she’s met in her travels in the world all say the same thing about faith. Not only do we need to talk seriously of peace we also need to talk about it as people of faith. We need to talk with people who don’t believe the same things we do about God, but we must do that with clarity and assurance in our own faith or we will be useless. I’ve chewed on this a bit. We must be clear and assured of our own faith if we will be of any use in discussing how we will deal with the problems we face as human beings.

This says to me that if we water down our faith, remove it delicately from the conversation, or attempt to placate others by squashing the essentials of what we believe we will be of no good. It will be like saying that Martin Luther King was for equality because he thought life should be fair. It’s like trying to play “We Shall Overcome” with one note. It’s not true. It’s not real. So, it’s not about life.


One response to “It was 50 Years Ago Today

  1. Geoff, thanks for this post. You continue to find (and define) the narrow, winding, less-frequented path that runs between the towering, opposing cliff faces of divisive issues. It’s disarming in a really good way. Thanks for the challenge to let faith shine plainly through our conversations.

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