Can’t share these thoughts another way

Go Ahead
When your closest friends are hypochondriacs
Go ahead and take a walk
Get up from the table and see the world
Even it is just to go to the window
Go ahead
Take a walk around the room
Stroll down the hall
Go make a call
Without a phone
And let the anxious chairs
Fill their own space
And not your ears
Go ahead and take the space
Between your earsahead1
Into its outer limit

There is a voice that no one hears
Because it is unspoken
But weaves through all
The misheard words
Claims, lies, fanciful implorings
Taking them as fodder
For its own energies
Never proximate
Never hesitant
Never slow
The heart of all creation
Its shout can only be encountered
By fullness
And then its singing never stops


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