Monthly Archives: June 2015

Too Much to Say

I’m doing a sermon series on Sex at our church right now.
It’s a long look into the wide-scope of the Bible’s words on sex and so far it’s going well.  You can hear recordings at in our media area.  And I’ve been studying for weeks and still am studying to get it right.
The battle is not over what the Bible says.  That’s actually pretty contained.  What’s difficult is that there is so much being said “out there.”  Every opinion creates a million directions.  And everyone is sure.
Which leads me back to what the Bible actually says and how that starts with humility.  This little formula keeps floating in the back of my mind… Humility is the fear of the Lord.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of God.  Knowing God and the One whom he sent is eternal life.

Humility –> Wisdom/Knowledge of God –> Eternal Life

It’s a slow, gentle, long walk into living soundly.
To “know” someone, in the Biblical sense is the most intimate of our relationships and is supposed to include the creation of a space where this other is safe even though completely vulnerable.  This speaks into our relationship with God – a sacrament or mystery (which is all the word means).  It is an open mystery, one that we can more experience, and live the truth of than figure out.              One of the primary things I’ve learned from all my study is that there is an enormous amount of demand and desire out there, and that people are trying to build lives, laws, doctrines, counseling and identities on demand and desire.  Arguments are being put forth but they aren’t seeking after understanding.  They’re frames for stolen, blown-up Instagram pictures of choices already made and displayed for the world.
The thing I’m wrestling with most is “what is life-giving?”
That seems to be part of God’s priority – choose what is life-giving.  The unfortunate approach in our world is that our answers tend to be “What is life-giving to me?”  Instead of, what is life-giving to others?  It’s pretty clear that our world says that if it is life-giving to me then that answers the second question.  The problem seems to be that God created a world where the second question is the only question.
What’s wandering around in my head right now is, does our participation in bringing life to others become the beginning of humility.