Monthly Archives: July 2015


Does not everything in your news reports make you bow your head in disbelief and concern?

There is nothing I read these days that does not make me bow my head.  I keep reading the variety of opinions, attitudes, perspectives and it just makes me sigh.  I want to take long walks or solve innocuous puzzles or chat with a friend about their list of house projects.  I’m tired of everyone being right.

Last night, I stood leaning on the door frame of a room of high school students who were about to leave to go to the hills of Haiti to help build a compound for the safe care of orphans.  At one moment, quite literally, they were all talking at once, just a thorough expression of excitement.  Laughingly asking questions, making declarations, describing others, prophesying on the next days, joking, sarcastically interrupting… the energy was a living presence hovering in the air.  No one was seeking to be right.  They were seeking each other.

Outside parents were developing calm with the same attention that their children were building thrill.  They were answering each others’ questions.  They were reminding each other of expected safeguards.  They were laughing over proposed and minor hardships that would be faced and, hopefully, creating an impression.  They acknowledged and agreed that their kids would only be touching the real need, but that it was important to get even that close to it.  They were chatting over the separation they already felt.  No one was seeking to be right.  They were seeking each other.

That’s what makes me bow my head and turn off the news.  No one is seeking others.

All of these, gathered in their similarities, were hoping to be new.  They wanted to become news.  I’ve been one of the news before.  I was made new, found myself in the community of other news and there is a continued hope for the new to take over, for that extensive, massive wave of re-creation to own my heart, the hearts of these parents, their kids, for people in Haiti.  Becoming one of the News is an amazing experience because we get to be part of birth, re-birth, life in a fresh way and to know the experience.  We see with an increasing light that clarifies, that does more than fill our eyes.  It permeates our souls.

So, I turn off the reports because there is nothing new or newsworthy in them.  And I turn to the community of news I find so exhilarating, breathtaking.