sunriseHe sent forth his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave. Psalm 107:20

The word we translate “saving” can also mean “healing” and actually means that quite literally.  This changes my perspective on what Jesus was doing.  The word we translate as “gospel” can also mean “well-message,” and actually means that quite literally.  This changes my perspective on the story of Jesus.  If “gospel” actually comes from “God’s spell,” then the “well-message” of Jesus becomes God’s word of healing pronounced over us to bring us into health, wholeness.  Telling the story of Jesus is a powerful, healing activity that brings wellness to those who hear it.  This expands my understanding of “witness.”  I am not called to argue people into belief. I am called to say God’s spell into others’ lives and allow it to work its magic.  It becomes even more powerful and effective when it includes my story, the effect it had on me, when I heard it and also when it includes my prayer.

What if words actually had effect?  What if they created something as they were said?  Then, when I gave my word, I’d be making a lasting bond with someone.  I’d create an actual tie between me, this other person and the future.  Something would happen because I said it out loud.  It has physicality as if I created a thing, spoke it into my hands and it became real and then I handed it over to another person.  Giving my word becomes tangible, then.

Genesis, the Gospel of John… word becomes tangible.  It becomes touchable, knowable, dwells among us.

So, what do I now say to others?  What is the spell I pronounce over the world?  What if my words actually have tangible effect?  What if the words that come out of our mouths change brain chemistry in others?  What if they cause blood to flow or to slow?  What if they cause someone’s breath to quicken or their muscles to relax?  What if create an image in another’s imagination that makes their minds choose numbers, angles, heights, lines that will become pictures that will be construction?  What if our words created smiles or even laughter?

We sometimes lose sight of how close we are to creation, the powerful act of creating.  People who follow Jesus have this powerful spell that recreates the world and it works when we take the time to hear what has been damaged in another’s soul.  It has impact when we find the place where the damage has taken root and then apply the spell, God’s spell, that sinks into the earth of that soul and destroys that root.  We don’t have to worry about getting the words right.  We will be given the words.  We have to work on learning the place where the root has grown.  Then the creative word that has been given to us will come from us in the right way and our own healing will be extended to another.

That’s kind of mystical, eh?

Blessings and speak well,

One response to “Healing

  1. Geoff: We agree that you are a Pastor of the Presbyterian Church USA. We agree that weddings should be a worship service in which a marriage is consecrated. We agree that if neither person is a Christian, then when you gave them the word, they would not be able to make the commitment and therefore they would not be able to consecrate the marriage which would make the whole experience null and void …

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