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To the House Girls

Several years ago a group of amazing young women found each other and created a deep and abiding cadre of friends.  In their senior year of college they moved in together.  A house came available and it came with a story.  Parents of twin college-age girls lost them in an accident and could not abide being in the house without them.  So they determined to provide the house to other college-age girls.  And so it was rented for the year.

An amazing house with plenty of room and a view that was stunning.  From the deck of the house, on a pleasant evening one can watch the sun set over a bay of the north shore of Massachusetts while, at the same time, watch the lights of homes and towns come on along the southern coast of Maine.  All the while the Atlantic drifts into darkness above and below, with coaxing chimes of ocean buoys.  I cooked dinner for them on the first night they were there and I prophesied.  I told them that there would come a day when their kids would be begging them to “STOP talking about their senior year of college.”  I’m convinced that prophecy will find fulfillment.

But that time has moved, as all time does, ladies.  And now you’ve found yourselves out in the wild world.  It is filled with dangers and some you have already survived.  Loss of life, loss of marriage, loss of dreams… you’ve paid prices that you expected but didn’t know were tolls of transit in time that would come sooner rather than later.

As I’ve had a chance to be in touch, to hear your thoughts, misgivings and “damns”… I’ve seen your aches for love, truth and future.  Lonely days have followed on lonely days.  Not to say there hasn’t been magnificence.  That would have to be part of it because each of you is wondrous.  Worth writing again, “Wondrous!”The House Girls

There is much that would make you hesitate to claim that but it is part of who you are.   And you are women.  You are not girls although, joyfully, girlishness remains but you display it with ferocity.  And one of the grand things you bring with that combination is the demand that men, men in your lives, be men… and boyish, too.

Geographically, I know where you are… on land and in my heart.  Whenever you come to mind I pray for you, remembering past and remembering your futures.  If you are ever in a long and lonely stretch and wonder if you are known, remember my prayers do not forget you.

I felt prompted tonight to bring this word to you.  Do not leave your “weird” somewhere you can’t find again.  Don’t lose your “weird.”  You stand so well with it in your hip pockets.  Do not let anyone, any time, any requirement for new clothes remove your weird.  It is what makes you hesitate in decisions.  It is what makes you travel. It is what makes you swim.  It is what stamps your creative choice as singular.  It is what makes you listen.  And it is what makes you sing and see and know.

It is so great to know you each are on this planet just now.