I’m one of the pastors at the First Presbyterian Church in one of the coolest little cities in America – Lancaster, PA. I am a servant of Jesus and his follower and this page is meant to be a reflection of thoughts along the journey. I’m trying to pay attention to the marvels around me, seeking to see the hand of God, to hear the voice of God and to recognize the presence of God in the every-day. No claims here that I’ll be right or even appropriate… just working to discover and express truth. And I’m looking to see who’s out there who may be on the journey with me.

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  1. I have been reading your blog. I am going to hitch a ride with you for a while.

  2. I have been reading your blog. I am going to hitch a ride for a while.

  3. On e of your members suggested I read your blogs. I’ve found them challenging even when I didn’t agree. Usually your tone is winsome — except in the “Every vote” blog when you sounded angry, not even trying to understand why so many have left the PCUSA. And you forgot about history: Paul left the synagogues, Luther and Calvin left the Roman church, the Puritans left the Church of England — all because they thought the old church had become too much of the world and unfaithful to the Gospel. Were they wrong? If one believes his church is verging on apostasy, is leaving or staying the action pleasing to God?

    • Hello William,
      Paul always went to the synagogues, but eventually Christians were kicked out. Luther and Calvin were excommunicated or kicked out. As we got to America (with the Puritans) people started to leave. There are some people who freely get to choose which church they go to. A Presbyterian Pastor vows they’ll stay and make it work for God. When they leave they decide that the other side, whichever other side, gets their way. They end conversation and witnessing to the truth and their vow. Seems to me a vow is a pretty important thing. Yeah… I probably wasn’t winsome at that point. However… I am thinking Calvin, Luther and even Paul would agree with me… they were kicked out.
      I’ve been encouraged for a long time by my conservative friends to leave because the other side was bad and evil. I’ve been encouraged for a long time by my liberal friends to forget the other side because they aren’t progressive. Neither side sounds like they’re following the command to love. So, I’m sticking with Jesus until he calls me somewhere else.

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