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Consider the Lilies…

What’s your image of abundance? abundance 1What comes to mind when you think of abundant life? For some people it is money and we’re told on a regular basis that money satisfies all needs… but is money life? abundance 2Is it really the thing that makes the “world go around?”

I think it is interesting to think through “abundance” from the point of view of “enough.” Take “enough” as an image to hold in your mind for a little bit. What would enough feel like to you? If you had enough clothes to get through a year of weather changes – something light to wear in the summer, something warm to wear in the winter, something that made you feel cool to wear… whatever… what if you had enough so that you were covered, comfortable and capable of moving through the days. And suppose you had enough food. You have a choice of vegetables, main dishes, special sides, desserts with which to have little simple celebrations of days or a week, but you were fed. And add on enough space in which to live – clean, dry, warm, cool, safe. And then there are people to know – friends, relations, new and interesting people who have ideas or frank advice. And suppose you also had work – a job that assisted people to get through life, to get things clear up, or in place or just feeling better about themselves – and by your work you fed others, cheered up others, made others feel significant.

What if your food, your clothes, your habitat, your relationships and your labor were filling up your days in a reasonable, steady manner? What if your life had enough? Would that be a picture of abundance? Is “enough” the same as “abundance?”

I was watching a report on wealth and a woman was presented who had somehow – by selling a company or creating an idea someone bought – made $23million. She was wealthy she said. That’s how she described herself until someone asked, “Well, do you own your own plane?” She checked into it and discovered that even with $23 million she still wasn’t really in a position to own her own plane. And she said she was “suddenly impoverished.” She didn’t have enough in life… even with $23million.

What’s your picture of “abundance?” What do you see in your mind’s eye? I’m going to spend the rest of this week taking pictures of abundance, just things that capture my attention and make me think of life being abundant. We’re looking at abundant Life at First Presbyterian in Lancaster, PA. If you’re around and want to bring your pictures of abundance, do that. Bring pictures of abundance with you on Sunday or send them to me here and I’ll see what I can do to get them printed out.

For me this is just an exercise in crediting marvels, in observing what I’m seeing. I want to take some time to see how much of enough it takes to make abundant? How much enough is there in abundant? I’m hoping I’ll see and understand abundant better.